jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Econometrics: weeks 3-4 (February 27th to March 11th)

In weeks 1-2 we:
  • Explained Lessons 1-2 and started Lesson 3.1
  • Provided an introduction to Gretl, using mainly the dataset: Simulated data 

The goals for weeks 3-4 are:

Warning about March 1st class

Next Thursday, March 1st, I will not be able to attend the class due to an institutional obligation. We will recover the time lost using the second hours of the seminar.

Warning about the seminar

Next Wednesday, March 7th, from 12,00h to 13,30h (to compensate for the class lost) we will have the second seminar. We will have this seminar and all subsequent ones at classroom # 218. Please bring your computer if you can.


Students must fill this personal data form

Check GRETL installation, in particular, make sure that you have, at least: (a) Tramo Seats expansion package, (b) X-12 ARIMA expansion package and (c) Wooldridge's dataset (I recommend installing the other datasets too, just in case)

Revise some basic concepts of previous courses (but this time ACTUALLY DO IT!):

- Algebra: matrices, vectors, linear equations, matrix operations, inverse of a matrix
- Statistics: descriptive statistics (mean, variance, correlation,...), estimation, hypotheses testing

Download PQRS from this website. This free software does some useful things, among them, it substitutes statistical tables. PQRS does not need installation: you just download the .zip file, decompress it in any folder and run it "as is",

Graded personal homework

Send an e-mail to this address (last day for delivery: Tuesday 6th). This message should:
This e-mail will be assessed as part of the "active participation" item (10% of final grade). To facilitate processing the e-mails its important to respect the deadline and the delivery procedure (please use this email address). I would also help if all the text is included in the body of the message body, avoiding attachments whenever possible.