lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Econometrics: weeks 1-2 (February 4th to 17th)

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The goals for these two weeks are:

Warning about the practical work: Many of you have laptops. If you are willing to bring your own computer, we can do some practical work in the classroom.


Students must fill this personal data form

Review carefully the Econometrics website. Download and print the following class notes:
As well as the dataset: simulated data

Download and install GRETL. This is a free Econometrics software package. We will use it for practical work. I suggest to follow these steps:
Any issue related with installation of GRETL will be solved in the first seminar (February 22th).

Review the following materials:

Revise some basic concepts of previous courses:

  • Algebra: matrices, vectors, linear equations, matrix operations, inverse of a matrix
  • Statistics: descriptive statistics (mean, variance, correlation,...), estimation, hypotheses testing

Graded personal homework

Send an e-mail to this address (last day for delivery: Friday 15). This message should provide details about:
  • problems that could have arised when installing GRETL, and
  • doubts about the topics explained in class
This e-mail will be assessed as part of the "active participation" item (10% of final grade). To facilitate processing the e-mails its important to respect the deadline and the delivery procedure (please use this email address). I would also help if all the text is included in the body of the message body, avoiding attachments whenever possible.