domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Econometrics: weeks 9-12 (April 8th to 28th)

In weeks 6-8 we:

The goals for weeks 9-12 are:


I will not be able to attend to next April 11th class due to a professional meeting. We will compensate for the time lost with an extra class to answer doubts that will take place close to the June exam.

  • Download the materials for lessons 5.1 and 5.2, as well as the corresponding practical cases
  • Fit a log-linear regression to  Wooldridge's "Beauty" dataset. Compare the results with those obtained with the linear model. Which model complies better with OLS hypotheses

Graded personal homework

Send an e-mail to this address (last day for delivery: Friday April 26th). This message should:
  • Summarize the results of previous activities
  • Describe any doubts about the topics explained in class 
  • Write a 400 words approx. summary of your main conclusions after fitting a log-linear regression to  Wooldridge's "Beauty" dataset. Please, try to follow the guidelines in Givens, G.H. and J.A. Hoeting (2002). Comunicating Statistical Results.
This e-mail will be assessed as part of the "active participation" item (10% of final grade). You can facilitate processing these e-mails by complying with the deadline and delivery procedure (please use this email address). I would also help if all the text is included in the body of the message body, avoiding attachments whenever possible.