miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

A "dry run" for the final exam

As I announced in class, next April 25th we will do a "dry run" for the final exam. It will consist in a short test with 10 questions about Lessons 1-3.

The final exam will have 20 questions and will cover all the syllabus. Apart from this, the conditions will be identical to those of the final test, i.e.
  • Each question will be multiple-choice, with three alternatives to answer and a fourth "blank" option.
  • It will include both, "theoretical" and "practical" questions
  • A correct answer adds 3 points to the final grade while an incorrect one subtracts 1 point. A blank answer does not add or subtract.
  • You will have 45 minutes to answer the test
  • I will publish the results as 0-10 numerical grades, computed dividing the number of points obtained by 3
  • No books or internet devices (smartphones, PDAs...) are allowed during the exam. You may use a handheld calculator.
I may take into account the grade obtained as part of the "Individual work and partial exams" and "Active participation" items. If the result is good enough (>5 points) it will add (never subtract) to the final grade.