miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Econometrics: Test #1

As planned, in April 25th we did the "dry run for the final exam". It consisted in solving the questions in the following test (correct answers in the last page).

The results are published both, in the Econometrics tab and in this post (click here to download the spreadsheet). This document is encripted with the password that I gave you in class. I will keep updating  it as I collect new grades.

As I told you in class, 40% of the final grade will be decided on the basis of:
  • Two test exams (the second one will take place in the regular class of May 31th)
  • A practical exam, that will be done in the seminar of May 30th
  • The bi-weekly e-mails, that you have been sending me so irregularly up to now
The grade resulting from the test exams will be the higher of both one plus an incentive, that will be awarded if both grades are 5 or better in the standard spanish scale (from 0, lowest grade, to 10, highest grade).