sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

The "B" plan

Dear students,

As you may know, last monday 14th I suffered a coronary event that required hospitalization. Obviously, this will have an impact on our teaching and evaluation plan, so it is time to define a "B" plan.

First of all, from wednesday 23th onwards Professor Teo Pérez-Amaral will substitute me. You should go to classroom N-102 of Pabellón Prefabricado (Building nº 1).

Teo teaches the english group in Economics and we share our teaching material, so the transition should be easy.

Second, I promised you that I would prepare some test-type questions chosen from the Econometrics exams of 2000 Plan. You can download them through the following links: Lessons 1-4 and Lesson 5 onwards.

These questions are written in Spanish (sorry!) the right choice is marked and there is a short explanation in my awful handwritting (sorry again!). Be also aware that these questions offer four possible choices, while your exam will offer only three choices.

Third, next May 30th we were going to do a graded practical case in the classroom. Now it will be non-presential. Please download this MS-Word document (I updated the file on May 30th to correct a minor typo). It contains all the data and indications required. You should write your own analysis, according to the instructions, and send it to trabajoeconometria@gmail.com before May 31th. You are free to consult with each other: I am you to write and understand completely the analysis and its conclusiones.

Fourth, we scheduled a second test exam. It will cover Lessons 1 to 6. I will prepare the questions and Teo will supervise it. It has been scheduled for next May 31th.

Last, I am allowing comments to this post. If you use these comments to ask your doubts, my answers will be available to everyone.

I am very sorry for these inconveniences and will do my best to minimize them.

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  1. Dear Miguel,
    first of all I hope you get better very very soon.
    Second of all, you were a great professor. Even though this has been a difficult subject, I (and I'm sure, most/all students agree to that) still enjoyed being in your class.
    And third, I do have a question according the second exam. Today we agreed with our new professor to take it on thursday. But will it only cover lessons 4,5 and 6, or all lessons, so 1,2 and 3 as well again??

    Thank you!!

    Kind regards,

  2. Dear Elisa,
    Thank your for your warm message. I am very well now.
    About your query: I am preparing a short test with 10 questions covering lessons 1 to 6.
    I preferred to cover all the syllabus because, in this way, I can concentrate in the "big issues". Also, after preparing this short test it will be easier to prepare the final exam.

  3. Sorry, I have one more question.

    Will there still be an extra class on monday, june 4th? I am guessing not but just want to make sure.


  4. A relevant question, indeed...
    The extra class was to clear doubts before the exam. Please, check with Teo how he organizes the attention of these last-minute questions.

  5. Have just visited this page and found out about what happened to you. Previous week I hoped that nothing like this had happened, but hopefully everything is fine now.

    Will we see you this term? Are you going to come to any class?

    Get well!


  6. Hi Eugene,
    Thank you for your kind message.
    I am fighting with Teo to be with you in the day of the exam. I say yes. He says no... The coin is in the air!
    Best wishes

  7. Dear Miguel,

    so far I do not have questions.
    I just want to say that I'm very sorry because you will not be with us until the end of the course. And, I agree with Elisa - you were a great professor, even though this has been a difficult subject!
    I wish you fast recovery!
    Kind regards,

  8. Hi Maja,
    Thank you very much for your message and good wishes.
    I enjoyed very much teaching this course. At the beginning it was quite hard: teaching a new syllabus, with new methods, and doing the job in English! But the atmosphere in class was fantastic and you were very kind and patient with my occasional blunderings. It is very painful for me to leave the work inconcluded but... that's the way it is!

  9. Good evening,

    Please, check trabajoeconometria@gmail.com. I sent a message to that adress, because didn't know your main e-mail adress.

    Evgeniy Myskov

  10. Hi Evgeniy,
    I just answered your e-mail.