sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Econometrics: Partial grades

Next table summarizes three partial items in your grade: short tests, personal work (your essay about the Campus Crime dataset) and active participation (the periodic e-mails that you have been sending me). They account for 40% of the final grade. The remaining 60% will be determined by the final exam:

In this link you can download the Campus Crime case. I added a summary of my personal solution at the end of the document. Once again, if something looks wrong please tell me and I will revise the case.

The final exam will take place next tuesday, June 5th. It will be similar to previous tests except that:
  • It will include 20 questions instead of 10
  • As in short tests, there will be three alternatives to answer each question and an additional "blank" option. On the other hand the grading policy will be more strict, that is: 
    • a correct answer adds 2 points to the final grade, while
    • an incorrect one subtracts 1 point, and
    • a blank answer does not add or subtract, so
    • the final grade will be the total of points obtained divided by 4

The criterion behind this policy is that the expected grade for someone who answers at random should be zero points. Be aware that the penalty for a wrong answer is therefore thougher than the one I applied in the short tests, so you should very careful when choosing an option.